We have taken our time to write this as we really wanted to take the time and reflect on our day with family and friends.  Mastronardi Estate Winery along with Vino Visa made our day truly memorable and most importantly our own. 

It was very important to us that when we got engaged that we have a wedding that was very unique to us; people would know that they were at Scott and Ali’s wedding and not just anyone’s wedding.  Eadie and Laura understood this vision from the very first moment that we met.  They took the time to get to know the intimate details and quirky facts about us (our families, work, hobbies, friends, etc.).  It was shocking to us the amount of questions that they asked with the amount of detail and how they related themselves and their experiences to our own.  It made us feel welcomed, trusting, and at ease with the entire wedding plans; it allowed us to be able to sit back and enjoy the process. Eadie and Laura worked very hard to fit in every detail that Scott and I expressed for our day.  They did this all with Scott and I living four hours away and accommodated our meetings for when we had scheduled trips home.

We were very blessed to have our fall wedding.  Chef Don and his staff worked very hard to create a beautiful and delicious meal that centered around this theme and kept us all warm on a very chilly and beautiful evening.  Chief Don welcomes you into his home for a full tasting meal, which left us wishing that the wedding was closer because the food was so wonderful!  It was very touching that Chief Don even sent home a small “doggie bag” for a family member that was unable to be there for the tasting; this meant the world to us.   Chief Don’s staff was so courteous and attentive to our guests and ourselves.  They ensured that we ate enough, always had food available, and that our guests with food restrictions were given selection and a beautiful meal that was safe for them to eat.

Donny the DJ was very organized and kept everyone on the dance floor the entire night.  He was very accommodating for our ceremony singer, offering his equipment and time for rehearsal.  He was able to provide helpful suggestions when necessary and understood our special requests and made them memorable.   He understood our diverse music selection and we are still receiving compliments on how wonderful the music selection was. 

Overall, everyone worked very hard to make our dream day a reality.  Every detail was perfect and truly spoke to our taste and personalities.  It was important to have our day be our own and that is exactly what Mastronadi Estate Winery and Vino Visa provides; very intimate and personal details unlike anywhere else. It truly was a day and a journey that we will always treasure and never forget.  Thank you Eadie, Laura, Chef Don, DJ Donny, and everyone else that helped to make our day “us”

Alison & Scott Sutton
October 26th, 2013