When you first walk into Mastronardi Estate Winery you think “how does a place get more gorgeous than this”. The space is walled with floor to ceiling glass to afford you a stunning view of the lush green vineyard. The chandeliers that are so sparkly you can see them twinkle in the dark. You take in the view and you embrace the surroundings, its unbeatable soft, warm, and whimsical setting. It is gorgeous there, and it is no wonder why the venue is in such high demand all the time. 

You see the place and you think this is why people get married here; because of the set up and the view. I have never been more wrong in my life. The venue, the space, and the vineyard – they’re everything you were promised and more. However, Mastronardi Estate Winery’s biggest asset is not the view and the space. It is their team, a team that works seamlessly, a team that is everything a family is. 

I need to explain a bit about myself so that it all makes sense why there is no place better than Mastronardi Estate Winery. I’mwhat you would call a neurotic-OCD-over-controlling bridezilla. If that wasn’t bad enough, I’m also indecisive and leave everything till the last minute. By all accounts, I should be every wedding planner’s worst nightmare. At MEW, I had the best experience ever. The only things that stressed me were things outside of MEW. By all accounts I was a very low stress bride, because MEW took care of everything. They pride themselves on being an all inclusive venue, and that they are! I was half way across the country and I still felt at ease with all the planning. 

I can write an entire book about why you should have your wedding at MEW, just because of Eadie Mastronardi. 

Eadie is kind, understanding, accommodating, wise, transparent, straightforward, honest, considerate, thoughtful, and just all around amazing. She is unreal, and I don’t know how she does what she does, but she does it. She makes you feel like you’re the only bride she is focusing on. She makes sure she is there for every step of the way. She remembers the smallest details of your wedding, even when you yourself can’t remember them. She makes planning a wedding a piece of cake. She recommends people that are amazing to work with and knows them well. Most of all, she is so beyond supportive. I cannot tell you the amount of 2 am text messages she received from me, or the amount texts she received two weeks before the wedding. You need a personal stylist? She’s got you. You need a word of encouragement? She’s got you. You need someone to vent to? She’s got you. You need someone to talk you off the proverbial ledge? She’s definitely got you. 

Eadie is so honest and transparent. I couldn’t tell you the amount of times she told me “don’t waste your money on this, there are other better things you should spend that money on”. Or how about “Christina, it’s not about the wedding. It’s about the marriage, it’s about the day after the wedding, about the life you are building together. Don’t get caught up on all the floral centerpieces or menu choices”. She’s is just an incredibly kind person, and kind people have your back. She does things she doesn’t ask credit for and she is just incredibly happy to see a couple get everything they ever wanted for a wedding. 

Eadie’s right hand woman is Laura, who is creative and brilliant, and very patient. She had to deal with my ever-changing mind on everything. She is also so straight forward and will tell you “yes, you could get all of these upgrades, but I don’t think you need it”. She spent lots of time with me on the wedding day getting my shoes on and off, and trying to figure out my bustle. 

There are so many key things to note about this place but not enough space, so here are just a few to name:

  1. You don’t lift a finger on the day of the wedding. They have it ALL under control
  2. They’re always 3 steps ahead of everything and anything that could happen
  3. When it’s time to leave, they ask for your keys and pack everything for you 
  4. The FOOD, OH MY GOSH, THE FOOD is amazing
  5. They have incredibly friendly wait staff
  6. They’re always on time, always
  7. Key point: they deliver everything they promise to you and more 

My biggest suggestion is to let your vision and thoughts be known to Eadie and Laura. Then, let them run with it. When it got closer to our wedding date, I started to second guess every decision and choice, so Eadie asked me “do you trust me”. At this point, I would’ve trusted Eadie with my life. So off she went. Her and Laura delivered the most spectacular backdropand set up I had ever envisioned. 

Words escape me on how thankful and grateful I am for everything. So, ladies who are still reading this, this is as good as it gets. You get to marry your best friend witnessed by your friends and family, in THE most perfect setting. What more do you want?

PS. When Eadie and Laura give you recommendations on other vendors to go with, go with them. Trust them. Eadie knows everyone in the wedding industry and she will tell you the truth about each and everyone. MEW will be one of the best choices you make regarding your wedding.

   Christina & Carl

   June 30th, 2017