Christina & Carl

When you first walk into Mastronardi Estate Winery you think “how does a place get more gorgeous than this”. The space is walled with floor to ceiling glass to afford you a stunning view of the lush green vineyard. The chandeliers that are so sparkly you can see them twinkle in the dark. You take in the view and you embrace the surroundings, its unbeatable soft, warm, and whimsical setting. It is gorgeous there, and it is no wonder why the venue is in such high demand all the time. 

You see the place and you think this is why people get married here; because of the set up and the view. I have never been more wrong in my life. The venue, the space, and the vineyard – they’re everything you were promised and more. However, Mastronardi Estate Winery’s biggest asset is not the view and the space. It is their team, a team that works seamlessly, a team that is everything a family is. 

I need to explain a bit about myself so that it all makes sense why there is no place better than Mastronardi Estate Winery. I’mwhat you would call a neurotic-OCD-over-controlling bridezilla. If that wasn’t bad enough, I’m also indecisive and leave everything till the last minute. By all accounts, I should be every wedding planner’s worst nightmare. At MEW, I had the best experience ever. The only things that stressed me were things outside of MEW. By all accounts I was a very low stress bride, because MEW took care of everything. They pride themselves on being an all inclusive venue, and that they are! I was half way across the country and I still felt at ease with all the planning. 

I can write an entire book about why you should have your wedding at MEW, just because of Eadie Mastronardi. 

Eadie is kind, understanding, accommodating, wise, transparent, straightforward, honest, considerate, thoughtful, and just all around amazing. She is unreal, and I don’t know how she does what she does, but she does it. She makes you feel like you’re the only bride she is focusing on. She makes sure she is there for every step of the way. She remembers the smallest details of your wedding, even when you yourself can’t remember them. She makes planning a wedding a piece of cake. She recommends people that are amazing to work with and knows them well. Most of all, she is so beyond supportive. I cannot tell you the amount of 2 am text messages she received from me, or the amount texts she received two weeks before the wedding. You need a personal stylist? She’s got you. You need a word of encouragement? She’s got you. You need someone to vent to? She’s got you. You need someone to talk you off the proverbial ledge? She’s definitely got you. 

Eadie is so honest and transparent. I couldn’t tell you the amount of times she told me “don’t waste your money on this, there are other better things you should spend that money on”. Or how about “Christina, it’s not about the wedding. It’s about the marriage, it’s about the day after the wedding, about the life you are building together. Don’t get caught up on all the floral centerpieces or menu choices”. She’s is just an incredibly kind person, and kind people have your back. She does things she doesn’t ask credit for and she is just incredibly happy to see a couple get everything they ever wanted for a wedding. 

Eadie’s right hand woman is Laura, who is creative and brilliant, and very patient. She had to deal with my ever-changing mind on everything. She is also so straight forward and will tell you “yes, you could get all of these upgrades, but I don’t think you need it”. She spent lots of time with me on the wedding day getting my shoes on and off, and trying to figure out my bustle. 

There are so many key things to note about this place but not enough space, so here are just a few to name:

  1. You don’t lift a finger on the day of the wedding. They have it ALL under control
  2. They’re always 3 steps ahead of everything and anything that could happen
  3. When it’s time to leave, they ask for your keys and pack everything for you 
  4. The FOOD, OH MY GOSH, THE FOOD is amazing
  5. They have incredibly friendly wait staff
  6. They’re always on time, always
  7. Key point: they deliver everything they promise to you and more 

My biggest suggestion is to let your vision and thoughts be known to Eadie and Laura. Then, let them run with it. When it got closer to our wedding date, I started to second guess every decision and choice, so Eadie asked me “do you trust me”. At this point, I would’ve trusted Eadie with my life. So off she went. Her and Laura delivered the most spectacular backdropand set up I had ever envisioned. 

Words escape me on how thankful and grateful I am for everything. So, ladies who are still reading this, this is as good as it gets. You get to marry your best friend witnessed by your friends and family, in THE most perfect setting. What more do you want?

PS. When Eadie and Laura give you recommendations on other vendors to go with, go with them. Trust them. Eadie knows everyone in the wedding industry and she will tell you the truth about each and everyone. MEW will be one of the best choices you make regarding your wedding.

   Christina & Carl

   June 30th, 2017

Ashley & David

It's been a month since our wedding and we're still talking and thinking about how beautiful our day was!  Thank you so much to Eadie, Laura, Chef Don and Erin for making our wedding exactly how we imagined it and for it to be the most stress-free day.  I was nervous planning a wedding from Toronto, but from our first meeting with Eadie, she told us they are the only venue in the area that takes care of everything and that we would get to be guests at our own wedding.  Eadie and Laura were flexible with meetings and helped keep us on track the entire way.  I trusted their professional opinions and let them take care of a lot of the smaller details, yet guests continued to comment how much the wedding felt like "us".  The day was perfect, the food was AMAZING and our guests sang and danced til the lights came on.  On Sunday, after our 4 hour drive back to Toronto, Dave and I got to enjoy our wedding dinner all over again and couldn't have been happier.  Thank you to the entire Mastronardi team for all your hard work, our day was perfect! :)

All our love,

Ashley Acott & David Molson

Tanya & Taylor Horne

Our Perfect spring day!

Everything about our wedding day at Mastronardi was exceptional, from the food, decor and atmosphere to the music and service. It all starts with great leadership and Eadie and Laura are true professionals, it is clear that they care about their Bride and Groom and intern so do their entire team! If it wasn't obvious to me before our wedding day why MEW is such a busy wedding destination (i say destination because they  literally take care of every detail, better than an all inclusive vacation) it certainly is now, even with being so busy somehow they were always available for every question or worry i had along the way no matter how small or petty it seemed in my head. We were to my understanding the first outdoor wedding of the year and it could't have been more perfect, I was thrilled that we were able to have their beautiful vineyard as the backdrop as we said our i DO's, we even ended up with a rainbow during dinner! We have received nothing but compliments on every part of our perfect day, and I can't thank Eadie, Laura, Chef Don and their whole team enough for making it as perfect as it was! I highly recommend Mastronardi Estate Winery to anyone that is looking for a beautiful venue, exceptional food and service, and overall a worry free wedding day! We could not have asked for more, and we wouldn't have changed a thing! 

Thank you again to the entire MEW team, Especially Eadie and Laura!


Tanya and Taylor Horne
May 13th, 2017

Lynne & Adam

We recently had our wedding at Mastronardi May 20, 2017. 

Eadie, Laura, Erin and staff were so accommodating and made the wedding planning process seamless and effortless. 

I was initially worried about trying to plan a wedding in Kingsville, while living in London - they made everything easy and accommodated us and our schedule so that we wouldn't have to make special trips to Kingsville for a meeting - what I initially thought was going to be a painful process was made so much easier thanks to them.

They ensured that no detail was missed and ensured that the day itself went beautifully. I couldn't have asked for a better day! Their comprehensive wedding packages really put my mind at ease knowing that they have handled the small details and that I didn't have to worry about coordinating arrival/drop offs for all of the vendors - this happened behind the scenes and I didn't have to worry about anything.

They are such well oiled machine and are ready for anything. It rained the day of, moments before our ceremony was supposed to begin and they switched plans at a moment's notice and everything went seamlessly.

Everyone raved about the food - Chef Don is awesome! The music was great - Thanks Erin! Atmosphere and decorations were stunning - Thanks Laura and Eadie!

I just can't say enough good things about Mastronardi and everyone that was involved in making our day a success!!

Lynne & Adam
May 20th, 2017

Sarah & Chris Williams

When searching for a venue, we were concerned that a place as beautiful as Mastronardi would not fit into our budget. Drawn by the beauty of Vino Vista we decided to meet with them to find out more. We were pleasantly surprised to find out how easily it actutallyfit into our budget. After sitting down with Eadie we knew we had found the perfect venue and the perfect wedding planners. We left MEW that day not having to worry about finding a DJ, florist, or decorator. From that point forward the wedding planning process became completely stress free.

Laura and Eadie are amazing! They pay so much attention to every detail to make sure that everything is perfect. Things you would never even think of, they've got you covered. They stayed right to the very end to oversee everything. All of the staff went above and beyond and you can tell they love what they do! Chef Don is phenomenal and all of our guests loved the food.

The weather was so perfect they were able to open up the doors to the vineyard, it was like having our reception outdoors with all of the comforts of being indoors. Being able to walk out into the vineyard to enjoy the moonlit and starlit skies was like a dream. Our family and friends are still talking about how wonderful our wedding was and we are so grateful to MEW for the big part they played in making our day so perfect! Our wedding was everything we ever dreamed of and more.

Sarah & Chris Williams
September 16th, 2016

Christine & Derek Kipping

We wanted to extend our deepest thanks to the wonderful team at Mastronardi Estate Winery and specifically Vino Vista. Without their organized and thoughtful experience, we would have been far less able to enjoy our wedding planning process. They were always available to lean on for advice and to assist with making decisions. A special shout out to Laura who helped me change the whole decor at the very end of a decor meeting, without hesitating at all! We truly appreciated the smooth operation of our wedding day as it allowed us to be worry-free and celebrate with our guests! We felt like we were always in good hands with Eadie and Laura at the helm.

Thank you again! It was a a GREAT day :)
Love, Derek and Christine Kipping 
July 1st, 2016

Meghan & Adam Gilchrist

Well I must say, Meghan and I are still in awe over our wedding at Mastronardi Estate Winery! Our wedding was a night we will never forget, and all of the staff made the experience memorable for us and for all of our guests. Even months after our wedding we are still getting compliments from our guests, raving about the venue, the food and the décor, it was simply amazing! 

We chose Mastronardis not only for its beautiful location nestled beside the vineyard, but because they offer absolutely everything we needed from flowers to décor, to a DJ and an on sight chef.  And we can’t forget the incredible landscaping and vineyard which made for remarkable pictures! 

Eadie, Laura and Chef Don create an experience of a lifetime, and they all have a keen eye for detail. They all worked with us from start to finish and we had such an amazing time planning our special day with them! 

It was such a comforting feeling when I showed up to the vineyard prior to our ceremony, to know that my soon-to-be wife was going to absolutely love how the Vino Vista looked! The room looked stunning, romantic and it was going to make that picture perfect wedding we had dreamed of. 

Thanks again so much Eadie, Laura and Chef Don for a flawless and unbelievable night that we will never forget!

Adam & Meghan Gilchrist
July 23, 2016

Rian & Diane Murphy

As we all know planning a wedding is stressful. Moving to a new city, starting a new job, and writing board exams, while planning a wedding almost seemed impossible for Rian and I. But the team at Mastronardi Estate Winery made it possible.  Rian and I are so thankful that we chose MEW for our special day. From the very first day, Eadie ensured us that the planning process would be stress free, and that they would take care of everything for us, which was hard to believe. However, they were not joking! Both Eadie and Laura worked hard to give us exactly what we wanted on our big day. Our big day was truly perfect; from the decorations, the music, the food, and the service itself.  

It is truly a venue that has everything you need and so much more. Our guests loved that it was a one stop shop. From ceremony, to cocktail hour, to dinner. No running around and trying to figure out where to go between the ceremony and the reception. 

Our guests raved about the music and atmosphere at MEW, and they all couldn't stop talking about how amazing the food was. We can’t thank the team at MEW enough for making our day incredible. What we loved most was how we felt like guests at our own wedding. We didn't have to run around making sure things were running smoothly, because Eadie and Laura took care of everything for us. We just got to enjoy our day with everyone else. 

Thank you guys for the wonderful experience, and for not only treating with respect as a “customer”, but for taking the time to get to know us and forming a friendship. 

There is no question as to whether Rian and I would recommend MEW as a venue for those getting married, because we already have. And we can’t wait to celebrate many more weddings there.

Thank you for making our wedding dreams come true! 

Rian and Diane Murphy
June 11, 2016.

Angela & Bobby Lawson

First off, choosing Mastronardi to host our wedding was one of the easiest choices we ever made as a couple. Being from out of town (or even if you're in town) this venue made planning incredibly easy and stress free. 

Eadie and Laura were fantastic to work with, with their outstanding knowledge of the industry and wedding trends. They offered realistic suggestions and really brought my vision to life by enhancing the natural beauty of the venue and surroundings. They also responded to all questions very quickly which was very helpful and accommodating. 

Finally, they helped us coordinate with any additional vendors we needed (paper goods, dessert table) to complete our vision and design.

The wedding food coordinated in house by Chef Don was absolutely phenomenal combining tradition with modern flair. 

ACS Lighting and Sound Productions was also included in our package and the DJ (Joe) was able to coordinate with our cocktail hour musicians as well as keep the dance floor full all night long!! We had a blast!

Overall, I would recommend Mastronardi over and over for all your wedding planning needs. We had the most beautiful and memorable day and that's thanks to the great staff at Mastronardi Estate Winery!  

Angela & Bobby Lawson

June 18, 2016

Mallory & Frazier

We are SO grateful that we chose MEW for our wedding day celebrations! Everything was perfect and every detail was covered. From the start, Eadie and Laura, you told us that YOU handle the stress so we don't have to and you were true to your word! When rain threatened the outdoor ceremony you had backup plans in place and made sure we all knew what may have to change--luckily the rain passed and the ceremony went on as planned, surrounded by the beautiful just-budding vines! The food was absolutely amazing and the reception was so much fun! And our guests haven't stopped complimenting us about what a wonderful time they had at our wedding! Thank you so much for everything! 

Mastronardi Estate Winery truly is a full service venue. Any question you have, any detail you need tended to, they will handle it all flawlessly. And talk about customer service; Eadie and her husband Tony kindly drove my new husband and I to our hotel so that both of us could keep enjoying our wedding celebration all night! 

Thank you to everyone who was involved in making our day the most amazing day we could have asked for!

Mallory & Frazier
May 28, 2016

Jesse & Dawn Cairns

When we got engaged we had our hearts set on an essex county winery.  We ultimately choose MEW because of the pavilion style setting and the fact that they had an in house 5star chef on site.  We also choose MEW knowing that we would be in good hands and would not have to worry about any of the details of our wedding and that Eadie and Laura would take care of them.  We had both stood in other weddings at other wineries and observed the chaos that could ensue when no wedding planner/ coordinator was present to help the day of the rehearsal or wedding.  Our day was more beautiful than would could have imagined and never worried about a thing.  Rain or shine we knew we would be in good hand and we were. We are complimented by many of our guests for having had one of the most elegant weddings and for having had the most amazing food and wine.  Both Eadie and Laura understood our vision and taste right from the beginning and pulled it together flawlessly.  Overall, we had a 5 star experience and would do it all over again.


Jesse and Dawn Cairns

July 4, 2015

Shannon & Chad

We just wanted to take a moment to send a HUGE thank you to Mastronardi Estate Winery for hosting our AMAZING Thanksgiving day wedding.

Both my husband and I live in Calgary, but are from Southern Ontario. We knew that Essex County would be a beautiful location for our wedding, and one in which all of our family could attend without flying to Alberta.

Mastronardi, was the PERFECT choice.  After meeting with Eadie, Laura and their team, we knew they could execute everything we needed.  We literally met with them one time the December prior to our October wedding.  They took notes on everything we thought we wanted, and had great suggestions for the things we didn’t even know we would need.  

By the time October came around, they had arranged the perfect day. As Eadie had promised, all we had to do was show up with our outfits on, and they took care of the rest.  

Planning a wedding is stressful enough when you live close by.  I can’t imagine having to have done it from a long distance.  The team at Mastronardi took our vision, and turned it into a perfect reality.

Our friends and family are still raving about what a perfect day it was. The decor was spot on, the food delicious, and the music and drinks kept everyone dancing to the early hours of the next morning.

We couldn’t be more grateful for the perfect wedding day they created for us.  If you are looking for a stress free, beautiful & classy wedding venue that people will be talking about for years to come, Mastronardi is your place.  Trust me, these ladies know what they are doing!

Thanks again for helping us to make lasting memories!

All the best

Shannon & Chad
October 10, 2015

Mai & Randy

From the very beginning, we felt confident that the services at Mastronardi with Eadie and Laura’s lead, would meet our expectations. They both worked with us to ensure our vision was incorporated in every way possible, while providing the consultation and guidance we needed.  Even though we had to plan our wedding from Toronto, they made every step of the process and experience effortless and stress free. Everything from the amazing food to the setup of the hall, to the service was perfect. Chef Don’s culinary skills and timely meal preparation was outstanding and our guests could not say enough about how amazing the food it was. Eadie and Laura’s meticulous attention to detail and wonderful staff was second to none and we could not have asked for more. We still receive so many compliments from everyone who attended our wedding. Thank you so much for making our wedding reception so perfect and everything we had envisioned! You and your staff are exceptional at what you do and it was a pleasure working with everyone!

Mai and Randy

August 15, 2015

Linda & Tom Miron

We were fortunate to have our wedding at MEW in October of this year. Eadie and Laura could not have been more professional or thorough in every aspect of planning for our day. They were patient in listening to every suggestion or detail on our wish-list, and went well beyond our expectations in making them a reality. The ceremony was well organized and beautifully done. The food was, to this day, the best meal we have ever tasted; and many of our guests second that opinion continually. The music had people swarm the dance floor, and the sound and lighting kept them there until the last song.  The flow and carefully thought out itinerary allowed us to relax, and truly enjoy watching the day unfold from start to finish.  The decor was romantic and truly whimsical, and the atmosphere was what you would expect from a “fairy-tale wedding”. There aren't many guests that we catch up with even to this day who don’t tell us it was the best wedding they have ever attended; and we could not agree more. If MEW is in your consideration for the biggest day of your life, we feel that choosing it would be the best decision you could ever make.  A HUGE thank you to Eadie and Laura, and ALL of the staff at MEW, for making the first day as a married couple so extraordinary!


Yours Truly, Linda & Tom Miron

October 11, 2015

Katie & Brian Iacobelli

Eadie, Laura and all of the Mastronardi Estate Winery team we cannot thank you enough for making this day possible!! Through all of our time together planning, and having the occasional glass of wine wink wink emoticon you truly got to know us and our vision for the perfect day. I cannot express all of the hard work I know that went into making our day so wonderful. From my shower to the wedding day and everything in between we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The wine is amazing, the venue is absolutely stunning, the food is phenomenal and the music and decor are always on point but the people that are the heart and soul are what truly make Mastronardi Estate Winery stand above the rest! We are so happy to have shared all of these memories together and to have made lifelong friendships! Xoxoxox


Katie & Brian Iacobelli

October 24th, 2014

Stephanie & Brittany Thorne

Eadie Mastronardi and Laura Schiefer and the rest of the staff at Mastronardi Estate Winery, thank you for making the most special day of our lives absolutely incredible. You made everything we wanted possible and the entire day was spectacular. especially the outdoor ceremony which I never thought we would get. From the venue itself to the decor and special lighting, the flowers and atmosphere, everything was above and beyond. All of the appetizers and food that Chef Don prepared was so delicious and we had so many compliments on everything. Eadie and Laura you two are just amazing people we are so lucky to have met you and have had you by our sides that day and all the meetings leading up to our big day. I honestly do not know why people would get married anywhere else! Love you Ladies XO

Stephanie & Brittany Thorne
May 29th, 2015

Eric & Jennifer Michaud

When we got engaged in November 2014, we already knew where we wanted to have our wedding. Mastronardi Estate Winery was our first and only choice for planning this special day. We loved the photos on the website, heard only the best reviews from our friends and family who had attended weddings there, and as soon as we made the first call to Eadie, we knew we made the right choice.

Planning our wedding with Eadie and Laura was so much fun! We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding planning experience! Every detail that we wanted was noted and not forgotten. Eadie had great insight on what our guests would need and want vs. what was an unnecessary expense for the day. She was always available to discuss our ideas and gave helpful feedback and advice all along the way.

When it came closer to our special day, Eadie and Laura made sure they had every detail ready to go, exactly the way we wanted it. Planning the timeline and handing it over to the team at MEW was such a relief. On our wedding day, there was no stress. No thinking, no phone calls, no crisis’! It was awesome! We were able to enjoy the whole day without having anything to worry about. Our families and wedding party were especially grateful that they were also able to enjoy a stress-free day. When we first walked into Vino Vista, our jaws dropped. It was even more beautiful than we could have ever hoped for. Our decorations, the backdrop, the lighting...every detail was so expertly carried out it was hard to believe we could be so lucky! The service was amazing, The in-house DJ made our night an absolute blast, and best of all Eadie and Laura made everything go off without a hitch! And…our guests are STILL raving about the food- Chef Don is outstanding!

To anyone reading this- book your wedding at MEW. It was so well worth it. It was an absolutely perfect day and we have to give credit to the amazing staff and wedding planners at MEW!

Thank you for making our wedding the best day ever!!


Eric and Jennifer Michaud
July 24th, 2015

Laura & Jordan Nolan

There's no other place in the world that we would have had our wedding! Everything was absolutely perfect in every way... You guys are simply the best that there is!

Laura & Jordan Nolan

August 7th, 2015

Brennan & Melissa Gomer

Thank you for making our special day so memorable for us and all of our guests! When we visited your facility, we knew that this was the place. Your thoughtfulness, care, dedication, and attention to detail made for a memorable wedding reception that everyone keeps talking about and will remember for a long time. Your hard work is appreciated as well as the professionalism and kindness.

Eadie, Laura and the rest of the Mastronardi staff did an amazing job at our wedding.The next day we received so many great compliments from our guests on how everything turned out beautifully! Compliments to the chef! The food was excellent, our guests loved the food and the service. Everything was perfect! Eadie and Laura were great to work with, they gave us great ideas and was very helpful from the start until the day of our wedding. The in-house entertainment, also did an amazing job, kept everyone on the dance floor. 

We want to thank everyone for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding. Our experience at Mastronardi Winery could not have been more perfect!!!

Brennan & Melissa Gomer
August 29th, 2015

Jaclyn & Jean-Marc Bastien

Eadie, Laura, and the MEW Team
After everything has settled from honeymoons, new jobs, and holidays, I finally have the time to sit down and write a little something regarding our wedding experience with you guys.

Living in Windsor, there are many options for wedding venues. Something that was very important to us was to have a unique, intimate place to get married…we wanted something a little different from the typical wedding hall. We visited many places around the city, and we even spoke with a travel agent regarding a destination wedding, but something just wasn’t fitting right with us. We heard about Mastronardi Estate Winery and we took the drive out to Kingsville to see “Vino Vista”… and then everything fell into place. It was unique, beautiful, and perfect. On top of that, sitting down with Eadie and chatting about what she offers for wedding planning was everything I needed to hear to set down a date. 

Wedding planning was a breeze. People always tell you how stressful it can be planning a wedding, but I really didn’t feel much of that stress. Even living away in Toronto until 2 months before the wedding, Eadie was always available to answer any questions and schedule meetings when I came back to Windsor. 

Our wedding day was truly the most perfect day of our lives. I woke up with no worries because I knew that Eadie, Laura and their team would take care of everything. We arrived at the winery and my mind was blown…how beautiful everything was and how it was way better than I could have imagined. Everything on our wedding day/evening went so smoothly and I really didn’t want the night to end. 

If you are looking for a perfect day, and want to be able to say “I wouldn’t change anything about my wedding”, then having your wedding at MEW and instilling your trust with Eadie, Laura and their team is right for you. 

We can’t thank you enough for making our day one we will always remember, 

With love, 

Jaclyn and ean-Marc Bastien
September 12, 2014

Ashley & Patrick McDonough

Choosing a venue for our wedding reception was quite stressful at first because we only had a few weeks home during the summer to begin planning. Our main requirements were an outdoor venue with great food. Since we both live abroad in Ireland we were worried of the obstacles of trying to find a venue and plan a wedding while living across the Atlantic. We could not have been more fortunate to discover Mastronardi Estate Winery as it not only catered to the outdoor wedding venue we were seeking it also provided the excellent food options we wanted thanks to Chef Don. 

The stress we thought we would have planning from Ireland was quickly put to rest thanks to Eadie and Laura. From the first meeting we had with them they understood our vision for the reception and helped us see it through. Being able to book everything from florals and linens to the food and DJ through them made planning abroad a breeze! They were also very accommodating in liaising through email and texts and meeting with us during our short visits home. In addition, they were always more than willing to bring our somewhat unusual and inventive ideas to life!

We were thrilled on our wedding day when we walked into Vino Vista. The space looked even more beautiful than imagined and both Eadie and Laura went above and beyond helping with all of the extra little details.  It was so nice not having to worry about anything and knowing that all would be taken care of perfectly. Our guests also thoroughly enjoyed the night and we received nothing but compliments about the food, wine, music and venue. 

We cannot thank you enough for bringing all of our ideas to life so beautifully. 


Ashley & Patrick McDonough

Jen & Jay Stephens

Our vision for the wedding design was romantic and simple, much as is my personal style. I wanted the wedding design to show my casual-but-funky style, and Mastronardi Estate Winery was able to do exactly that!

The inspiration was modern but chic, with soft touches to compliment the beauty of the space and the natural outdoors. Working with Eadie and Laura to capture our wedding image was comfortable- they understood exactly what my vision was for our wedding. The end result was better than anything I could have ever hoped for. Everything flowed together so perfectly, from the soft candle lanterns, to the beautiful white calla lilies and earthy succulents to the extraordinary table setting.

Aside from the beautiful décor, the food was remarkable! From the butler style appetizers to the last piece of dessert- every bite was delicious! Thank you to Chef Don and his team, they were a pleasure to work with.

Working with the Mastronardi team was trouble free. We had a wonderful experience from the moment we walked into the winery for the first time to the last song played on our wedding night!

Thank you to Mastronardi Estate Winery for making it a perfect day to remember forever, there isn’t a single thing I would’ve changed about our wedding day!


Jen & Jay Stephens

Cassandra & Matthew O'Neil

To anyone considering a wedding at Mastronardi Winery, As a little girl, I always dreamed of my wedding day as being whimsical, romantic and most importantly, centred around love. When I met the Man of my dreams and he popped the question, I went on the hunt for the perfect place for us to start our forever. I happened upon Mastronardi's VinoVista and the search was over. From their unique all inclusive services, to their personal touches and very kind and caring staff, Mastronardi Estate Winery was truly a dream come true. Laura and Eadie took the time to listen to our vision and bring it to life. Their expertise in the wedding field helped to guide us through the often challenging decisions most bride and grooms have to make. Chef Don created the most delicious meal we'd ever eaten and then recreated that amazing meal for nearly 200 of our friends and family. We've been told time and time again that our wedding was the best our guests had ever been too! Our day was nothing short of perfection, and its all because we chose the amazing team at VinoVista! xox -

Cassandra & Matthew O'Neil 

Myranda & Matt Tetzlaff

When Matt and I first starting planning our wedding, we weren’t sure what type of venue we wanted to host the biggest day of our lives. We knew we loved an outdoor space, enjoyed the simple and classic touches of everyday life and pictured an all inclusive space where the biggest choices involved were to decide among colours, flowers, theme etc. The day we walked in to Mastronardi Estate Winery, I have to admit we were both quite nervous to start and a little afraid of leaving our desires and dreams for our day in someone else’s hands. I think one of the biggest surprises initially came from my husband’s need to be involved every step of the way... but he eventually decided to let that guard down and trust in the process. And boy, am I ever glad he did!

Eadie and Laura are two of the best. From the beginning as we shared our desires for our big day, we were informed of the timelines and the various steps involved. Eadie and Laura were available for the consultation throughout our entire year’s engagement and were always eager to discuss new ideas and options (as were continually being developed by my very “Type A” husband). At times, Eadie soared above her role to console me as the bride who was continuously questioning if I should be doing more. Most weeks during our engagement year were left for leisure, because our plans were left in good hands.

That brings us to our wedding day, which was truly the best day of our lives. It is on this day that we were certain that we made the right choice in deciding to marry at Mastronardi Estate Winery. From the initial drive up in the limo, we were greeted by Eadie who was waiting there to discreetly assist myself and the bridal party into the retail store. She and Laura devoted their time to ensuring that everything was just right. They even made sure my new husband and I were able to get a moment together after the ceremony to enjoy some appetizers and spend time with each other. When we were able to see our reception site, it was nothing short of beautiful and impeccably tasteful. The centrepieces exceeded our expectations, the head table felt like it was set for a king and queen, the tables were scattered in a way that allowed us to easily visit all of our guests; there were no worries.

Chef Don’s exceptional culinary skills have left guests raving over the delicious bow-tie pasta and flavourful; melt in your mouth chicken, not to mention the creamy cheesecake that’s immediately addictive. We couldn’t have asked for a greater meal with our closest family and friends. As for our DJ and bartender, we were amazed by their entertaining talents and ability to get even our grandmothers up and dancing.

 To say that Eadie and Laura provided us with an amazing wedding is an understatement, if we had to start from the beginning, we would have chosen Mastronardi Estate Winery a million times. To all the staff at Mastronardi, we hold your services and talents in the highest regards and hope you know that our gratitude knows no bounds.


Myranda & Matt Tetzlaff  

Nicole & Andrew Crozier

Eadie, Laura and the rest of the Mastronardi Estate Winery Team – where do we start! Over 10 months ago we got engaged. We couldn't wait to start looking at venues. We knew we wanted an outdoor wedding so we met with Eadie and were so impressed. Her knowledge, advice and expertise in the wedding world was very impressive. We knew from that moment that we wanted to have our wedding at Mastronardi Estate Winery's Vino Vista. From there the wedding planning began, we wanted three things at our wedding: Great food, great friends and family and great memories. Well, now just over three weeks after our wedding we are so happy to say we had all of that and more! Guests are still complimenting the food by Chef Don and the venue. Our wedding was everything we ever imagined. Eadie and Laura were fantastic to work with when it came to bringing our vision to life. From the burlap table linens to the gorgeous rose balls hanging from the ceiling combined with our wooden lanterns and mason jars filled with roses our wedding was everything we ever dreamed it to be. Every detail was absolutely perfect. We now have the pleasure of talking about our amazing day with all of our friends and family. Three weeks later and we are still so excited about how amazing our day was. Our experience with the Mastronardi Estate Winery team was one we will never forget and would recommend to any engaged couple. Thank you to Eadie, Laura, Chef Don and the rest of the team!

Nicole & Andrew Crozier
May 17th, 2014

Michelle & James Kunkel

Thank you Eadie and Laura for making our wedding day perfect. From day one you showed us how dedicated you were to making our visions a reality and took care of every request and concern we had. We are so appreciative of your organizational skills; it kept us on track and made the planning process exciting and enjoyable. Thank you for your hard work and expertise! Our families are still talking about the amazing food and how beautiful the ceremony and reception were. It was nice to relax and enjoy our special day knowing you had everything under control. We appreciate everything you did to make our day so special and memorable! We would highly recommend Vino Vista to couples looking to have that unique wedding experience.

Michelle and James Kunkel
May 18, 2014

Amanda & Wade Sparks

Planning a wedding from afar can be a challenging and daunting task, but not with the guidance of Eadie Mastronardi and Laura Schiefer. From the moment we decided to have our wedding at the picturesque Mastronardi Estate Winery’s  “Vino Vista”, we knew we were in good hands. Eadie and Laura walked us through every step of the planning process, always a quick email or text message away.  They truly transformed or vision into the wedding of our dreams.  Our guests raved about our wedding! We received so much positive feedback about the atmosphere of the open-air venue, with its gorgeous chandeliers and views of the vineyard. Our family and friends were so impressed with the quality of the delicious meal, that some even sought out Chef Don Kumarasinghe to pay him a personal compliment.

If there were any hiccups on the day of our wedding we were not aware of them, since Eadie and Laura were present throughout our wedding day. It is because of this, that we were able to truly relax and enjoy every aspect of our special day. 

Thank you for hosting our wedding and all of your hard work. Our wedding was absolutely perfect!

Amanda & Wade Sparks
May 24, 2014

Alison & Scott Sutton

We have taken our time to write this as we really wanted to take the time and reflect on our day with family and friends.  Mastronardi Estate Winery along with Vino Visa made our day truly memorable and most importantly our own. 

It was very important to us that when we got engaged that we have a wedding that was very unique to us; people would know that they were at Scott and Ali’s wedding and not just anyone’s wedding.  Eadie and Laura understood this vision from the very first moment that we met.  They took the time to get to know the intimate details and quirky facts about us (our families, work, hobbies, friends, etc.).  It was shocking to us the amount of questions that they asked with the amount of detail and how they related themselves and their experiences to our own.  It made us feel welcomed, trusting, and at ease with the entire wedding plans; it allowed us to be able to sit back and enjoy the process. Eadie and Laura worked very hard to fit in every detail that Scott and I expressed for our day.  They did this all with Scott and I living four hours away and accommodated our meetings for when we had scheduled trips home.

We were very blessed to have our fall wedding.  Chef Don and his staff worked very hard to create a beautiful and delicious meal that centered around this theme and kept us all warm on a very chilly and beautiful evening.  Chief Don welcomes you into his home for a full tasting meal, which left us wishing that the wedding was closer because the food was so wonderful!  It was very touching that Chief Don even sent home a small “doggie bag” for a family member that was unable to be there for the tasting; this meant the world to us.   Chief Don’s staff was so courteous and attentive to our guests and ourselves.  They ensured that we ate enough, always had food available, and that our guests with food restrictions were given selection and a beautiful meal that was safe for them to eat.

Donny the DJ was very organized and kept everyone on the dance floor the entire night.  He was very accommodating for our ceremony singer, offering his equipment and time for rehearsal.  He was able to provide helpful suggestions when necessary and understood our special requests and made them memorable.   He understood our diverse music selection and we are still receiving compliments on how wonderful the music selection was. 

Overall, everyone worked very hard to make our dream day a reality.  Every detail was perfect and truly spoke to our taste and personalities.  It was important to have our day be our own and that is exactly what Mastronadi Estate Winery and Vino Visa provides; very intimate and personal details unlike anywhere else. It truly was a day and a journey that we will always treasure and never forget.  Thank you Eadie, Laura, Chef Don, DJ Donny, and everyone else that helped to make our day “us”

Alison & Scott Sutton
October 26th, 2013

Janis & Steve Boudreau

Aside from the absolutely stunning setting and beautiful scenery, the amazing food, the professional service and the friendly easy-going hospitality of Eadie and her staff are first class all the way. We have no hesitation in saying that Mastronardi Estate Winery is a truly rare find and an absolute must do. The area should be proud to be home to such a treasure.  

Our wedding came planned in only a few short months. Eadie was patient and encouraging through the whole process and didn’t skip a beat with her smile. There were times when I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. But every time I looked back there was Eadie pushing me to be “fearless”. My wedding coordinator became someone that not only could I plan the best day of my life with, but a friend who would listen and keep me upbeat and positive when a lot was going on. She was there for us every step of the way. Some of the best advice I have received in my life came from Eadie. Her fine taste and amazing planning ideas all came together and completed my wedding fantasy.

My wedding day was breath-taking. It was everything a girl with a dream of marrying the boy she loved would want. The atmosphere of love, romance and happiness filled the air. The winery was on fire with passion that night! 

We felt very much taken care of and relaxed. Eadie and Laura watched everything. I was care-free and able to use every minute with my friends and family. I still close my eyes and remember the magic. We never wanted the night to end. It was an amazing party that I’m sure even the winery won’t forget.

We drank the vino, we sang, we danced, we laughed and we even all got a bit wilder…

We thank-you for more than you would ever know.

Steve and Janis Boudreau

Jennifer & Richard Langeman

Planning a wedding can be a stressful and overwhelming experience but not when it is planned at the Mastronardi Estate Winery! All of the stress is completely alleviated because of the help and expertise of Eadie Mastronardi and Laura Schiefer. At no point in the wedding planning process did my fiancé and I feel as if we didn’t know what to next or how to go about completing a task because we had the professionalism and guidance from two great event coordinators on our side.

Once we chose the Mastronardi Winery as our wedding venue, the rest of our plans literally fell into place. As we look back on the happiest day of our lives, we know that besides choosing each other to marry, selecting the Mastronardi Winery as our venue was the next best decision we made. Our guests are still commenting on the perfection of our day. From the food, to the floral arrangements, to the music, to the décor, to the entire flow of the afternoon and evening, our wedding was truly the perfect celebration of our marriage. Thank you Eadie and Laura for allowing the wedding of our dreams to come true! 


Jennifer & Richard Langeman
September 7th, 2013

Marisa & Jorge

July 20, 2013 marks the day that my every dream became a reality. Growing up in a traditional Italian household, I had been dreaming of and planning my wedding since I was a little girl. That is why it made perfect sense for me to run out to one of the many Italian banquet halls and throw down a deposit to hold the day as soon as I got engaged. Luckily my husband made a decision that would change my previous way of thinking completely. After visiting and falling in love with me Vino Vista, he brought me to the venue (against my will since we already had a deposit elsewhere). My heart melted and I was blown away. This would be the place that I would promise my best friend our lifetime together. Over the next eight months Eadie and Laura made my dream a reality. The months leading to my wedding production were relaxing and fun. Not only that, Eadie was on call to answer any questions I had at any time. Today, two months post wedding my guests are still talking about the event from the incredible food to the romanticism of the Vineyard to the atmosphere created by the amazing and In house DJ, servers, chef and bartenders my wedding marked a night that my husband and I as well as our guests will never forget. From the bottom my heart I can say that this incredible day brought to me By Mastronardi Winery marked the beginning of my love story; After all together is a wonderful place to be.


 -Marisa & Jorge Guerrero
 July 20, 2013

Yvette & Scott Lehman

Our wedding at Mastronardi was nothing short of a fairy tale. It was a magical evening and every detail was handled perfectly. Eadie and Laura made the planning of our day incredibly easy, while taking into account all of the things that were important to us. The setting was perfect and the entire evening was stress free for us; we were able to enjoy the night with our friends and family without worrying about anything. The staff at Mastronardi was incredibly professional and we were complemented by our guests on how well the evening flowed. Thank you Eadie and Laura for a perfect day!

- Yvette & Scott Lehman

Samantha & Adam Mulcaster

On the venue: The grounds of Mastronardi Estate Winery are naturally beautiful and enhanced every part of our day from the ceremony by the vineyard to photos by the historic wine making equipment and the reception at the Vino Vista. Ourselves and our guests were overwhelmed by each new chapter in the day as it unfolded. The uninhibited flow between the Vino Vista and the winery during the reception allowed people to move inside and out and gave guests more than just their table area to mingle and celebrate. Before beginning the journey to our wedding we could not have imagined the day as it unfolded because we have never found a place in Essex County with such a unique and beautiful wedding venue. It feels effortless while one is there, but clearly it was thoughtfully and tastefully created from the exquisite natural surroundings.

On Chef Don and staff: Several of our guests were shocked at the exceptional quality of the food. The meal created by Chef Don was beyond even our own expectations from the tasting as he used simple and accessible ingredients that everybody enjoys and added something unique to each dish that satisfied the range of adventurous palates in our families. Our personal favourites were the three colour pasta in a garlic parmesan sauce, the shrimp, the avocado crisp appetizer, and the beef tenderloin in a wild mushroom sauce. The wine pairings with Mastronardi’s own Baco Noir and Gewurtztraminer satisfied the discerning wine drinkers of the group and were accessible to all. The Infuzion Confusion cocktail was particularly fun and certainly improved the dance moves of all who partook. Virtually every item on the menu had somebody claim it to be their favourite and our guests were universally impressed. Beyond that, Chef Don is a charming and thoughtful person who is always smiling and made a great impression. He offered us food on any occasion we met him at any event. The wait staff and bartending service was equally friendly and attentive. Their approachability was far above what we have experienced at other catered events and their smiles and good service made dinner an exceptional hit.

On working with Eadie and Laura: Everything about the day itself was perfect for us and the whole reason for that was event coordinators Eadie and Laura. From the first meeting where they put me (the groom) at ease by outlining their cost-certainty guarantee they always treated us with great professionalism and also friendly warmth. We looked forward to every meeting (and inevitably they all turned into a wine tasting when the business was concluded). In order to pull off our stunning wedding and reception with its modern classic décor, an outdoor ceremony, and the reception we had a total of 5 meetings. The intense stress that we hear so many of our friends have with the wedding planning process and bringing together the various components was a non-issue for us as we simply arrived to this beautiful event which was better than we had envisioned in the first place. I cannot underscore enough the impact that Eadie and Laura had on our wedding. They controlled every element of what guests experienced and made the process of planning and having a wedding easy and a great deal of fun. The day went so well that several couples inquired about bookings for their own upcoming nuptials while at our reception.

Summary: Having had our wedding at Mastronardi Estate Winery I cannot imagine doing a wedding any other way. Eadie and Laura outlined the process in our first meeting and made our vision a reality (in many cases exceeding what we thought would be possible). The food continues to be raved about and the décor and grounds made for a memorable night. It seemed that every aspect had a beautiful twist that elevated it beyond typical wedding fare. In the end, we could celebrate our love and marriage in beautiful surrounds and not worry about anything except saying ‘I do’ and it was a day that we will treasure for the rest of our lives together.

-Samantha & Adam Mulcaster

Jennifer & Sean Davey

Thanks to everyone at the Mastronardi Winery for making one of the biggest days of our lives a fairy tale. From our very first encounter with Eadie and Laura, we felt at ease and stress free. Throughout the entire planning process they both went to great lengths to make sure our day was extra special. They seemed to understand our vision better then we did. Sean and I could not have even imagined a more intimate and beautiful venue; Vino Vista has it all. Our guests have not stopped raving about how exquisite the food was, how elegant the décor was or how the winery was the perfect setting to compliment the day. We highly recommend the winery for any event. They definitely went above and beyond all of our expectations.

Jennifer & Sean Davey – June 1, 2013

Melissa & Guy Baltzer

Thank you so much to Eadie and Laura and all of the staff at Mastronardi Estate Winery. You guys took all the stress out of planning our special day and kept us on track to ensure everything went perfectly. Eadie and Laura have created an amazing “one-stop shopping” venue providing décor, flowers, music, food, and ceremony and reception venue. They are true experts in the field and know all of the questions to ask and the answers to all of the questions we had. All of our guests felt like we were on a private resort with the beautiful vineyard backdrop and exquisite décor. The food was amazing thanks to Don and our friends and family are still raving over it. We truly felt like a Prince and Princess on our wedding day and were able to enjoy and cherish every minute of our day.

Melissa & Guy Baltzer

Erin & Leanne

We can’t thank you enough for all your support, patience and kindness. We still continue to receive wonderful compliments on how well the day went, the food, the service and how beautiful the room looked. For all of that, along with our amazing memories, we sincerely thank you, Laura and the entire Mastronardi Estate Winery staff and family. From the first time we walked into the winery we were treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. Your ability to take our ideas and turn them into the wedding of our dreams was remarkable. We both felt confident things would look and be amazing and as May 4th approached, I was confident it would be perfect. It was. We have no doubt that you will make many more couples this incredibly happy. We are truly honored to be the first same sex wedding held at your facility.

Erin and Leanne

Wendy & James Vermeulen

We had the most amazing wedding at Mastronardi Winery; it was a magical day and night. We would most definitely recommend it to any prospective couples. The staff is fantastic, they helped put our wedding together in 4 months. The attention to detail was amazing and the wedding felt and looked like it had been planned forever. We were not worried for one minute leading up to our big day and on the day, because of the wonderful help from all involved. We were able to enjoy our day and know that we were in good hands. The Vino Vista was decorated beautifully and the food was simply amazing. Many of our guests left telling us, it was the best wedding they had attended. We could not have asked for any better, we felt like we were being treated as part of their family.

Wendy & James Vermeulen - September 1st, 2012

Melissa & Marc Janzen

Our wedding was a huge success because of two ladies, Eadie and Laura. We were able to enjoy every aspect of our big day and relax knowing that they were on hand to ensure the smooth running of the event. We have had so many compliments about the food and the decor of our wedding. Chef Don is absolutely amazing, the food was better than we could ever have imagined. The staff at Mastronardi Winery made our day a memorable one, they made sure that our day was a day to remember forever. We simply could not have achieved what we wanted without them. What a fantastic way to start married life, totally stress free and happy. Eadie and Laura are absolute professionals who are clearly passionate about what they do. They were always on hand to offer advice and nothing was ever too much trouble. With their friendly and relaxed approach they made my husband and I able to enjoy our day 100% without having to worry about what was going on behind the scenes. Eadie and Laura exceeded all of our expectations and were able to give me the wedding that every little girl dreams of. We would highly recommend their services to anyone. Not only were they our planners but they have now become our friends.

Melissa and Marc Janzen - September 29th, 2012

Robyn & Scott Murray

We are both extremely grateful and privileged to have been married at Mastronardi estate winery. We were anticipating the planning of our wedding to be quite difficult, as we are both from Kitchener but wanted to get married close to our family in Windsor and Essex. Eadie, Laura and her team made the planning and extremely easy and went above and beyond the line of duty to ensure everything was perfect. They took care of everything from food, decorations, flowers to music!

The décor was amazing and fit our theme perfectly, which was old Hollywood glamour. The new structure that was built is absolutely breath taking. I couldn’t imagine being married anywhere else. The food was a huge hit and our families are still talking about what a great job Chef Don did. We are so appreciative for all of the hard work that went into our special day, and it will be one that we will never forget for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much Eadie and Mastronardi Estate winery for your passion and perfection when planning your weddings!

Robyn and Scott Murray - August 24, 2012

Christine & Adam Mullins

You know how weddings can become quite stressful with all the planning and decisions to be made? Well, we don’t because the staff at Mastronardi Winery, especially Eadie and Laura, made our wedding day and every day leading up to it as stress-free as can be. We have never been so relaxed in the midst of planning such an important event. Everything was taken care of for us so all we had to do, was worry about enjoying the day. And thanks to them, we enjoyed every last second of our beautiful wedding day. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better wedding and all the credit goes to the Mastronardi Winery staff. Every single aspect of our day was perfect and everything went more smoothly than we could have hoped. The Vino Vistapavilion was decorated to perfection and they made our vision, while fairly simple, come to life in the most awe-inspiring way. The food was to die for (and we felt like we were going to afterwards because we couldn’t stop eating it) and all thanks goes to Chef Don and his talented staff. We were told throughout the night by pretty much anyone we talked to how incredible they thought our wedding was and we were told by many people that it was the best wedding they had ever been to, hands down. While we may be a little biased, we totally agree. We strongly believe that our wedding would not have been the perfect day that it was if we had chosen to have it anywhere else. If it’s not clear by now, we would recommend Mastronadi Winery to any couple we know that is looking for a place to have their dreams come true. Thank you very much and we will never forget the wedding that you gave to us.

Christine & Adam Mullins - August 18, 2012

Stacey & Jeremy Venables

I couldn't have asked for a better wedding! I have to say that we haven't stopped getting compliments about the beautiful venue, delicious wine/food and spectacular service you provided for us! At first we were a bit upset our destination wedding wasn't happening but come sunday morning after the wedding we can truly say that there is no regret about having our wedding at home and choosing to have it at Vino Vista! You come highly recommended by us and we can't wait to have another party at your place for our 25th wedding anniversary!!

Great work Eadie,Laura,Tony,Chef Don & your wonderful staff!

Thank you,

Stacey & Jeremy Venables - September 15, 2012

Lynn & Roy Symons

We found Mastronardi Estate Winery in 2011 on one of our local winery tours. We had planned to visit a few wineries, taste a few wines and restock our cellar. What we hadn’t planned on was falling in love with Mastronardi Estates. We knew on our first of many visits that this was where we were to be married.

From the very beginning, Eadie and Laura made us feel comfortable with their knowledge of everything wedding, and their vision of how to make it the most beautiful event possible. They guided us through all of the planning and selection and we knew we were in capable hands.

On the day of the wedding we were totally blown away by the sheer elegance and beauty of Vino Vista. Everything from the eloquently adorned tables to the magnificent chandeliers on the ceiling, made our wedding look and feel like something you would only see on television or in a magazine.

After the intimate ceremony, we were treated to a scrumptious dinner fit for kings and queens. Chef Don and his courteous staff outdid themselves. From the homemade avocado salad dressing to the grand finale of crème brule, our taste buds were tantalized. Our favourite was the mouth watering filet mignon, cooked to perfection. All of this was accompanied by award winning Mastronardi wines.

The wedding was perfect, and after the meal we all danced the night away with the glow of the beautifully lit winery enhancing the ambiance. We would like to thank Eadie, Tony, Laura, Chef Don and all of the staff at Mastronardi Estate Winery for what we were told by many throughout the evening and still to this day, was the best wedding they have ever been to.

Lynn & Roy Symons - June 23rd 2012

Christina & Nathan Moody

June 16th 2012 was the best day of our lives!!! Thank you Eadie Mastronardi and all of you staff at Mastronardi Eastate Winnery for making our wedding day absolutely stunning!!! And stunning was the word of the evening! All of your hard work and dedication are really greatly appreciated. Because of you and your staff our wedding has been the talk of all our guests….from how beautiful the venue was, how amazing the food taste and how it was the best wedding they have ever been too!!! It was exactly what we were looking for. You went above and beyond our expectations just like we knew you would. Everything was perfect and what we wanted. We couldn’t have asked for anything else, it was absolutely breathtaking and everything we have ever dreamed of. We don’t even know how to thank you!!


Christina and Nathan Moody - June 16, 2012

Nicole & Andrew Tymec

We had the most amazing wedding we could have ever imagined. Mastronardi Estate Winery provided us with the most unbelievably carefree and relaxed planning experience possible. Eadie and Laura guided us through the whole wedding process. We were able to meet not only for the initial consultation, but they were always supporting us throughout all vendor appointments as well. They made sure to check in with us to ensure we were always on budget and on the same page. They made us feel like we were the only couple getting married this year! Having to plan a wedding in 6 months was easy with the Mastronardi team.

Our wedding theme was completely envisioned. They looked far and wide to make certain we got every detail we wanted to make our dream theme come true. From every last rose pedal and yard of lace, they made it happen. They were also very open-minded and flexible. We are so thankful to have had them by our side.

The new event center VinoVista took our breath away. Not only was it beautiful with the all the stone work and chandeliers, but the vineyard backdrop gave our wedding a beautiful atmosphere that no other venue could ever offer.

Thank you Eadie and Laura for all of your help and support! We look forward to attending more events at VinoVista!

Nicole and Andrew Tymec - July 21, 2012